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Download Casino

1. Click on the "Download Casino Now" icon above to start the download process.

2. A window with the title "Opening Betfaircasino.exe" will appear asking you to "Save File" or "Cancel"; choose "Save File" here.

Screenshot 1

3. Mozilla Firefox will now download the installer to your computer. Once it is downloaded you need to run it from the Firefox download manager or from your downloaded files folder.

Screenshot 2

4. You will now be asked to confirm that you wish to run the program. Click "Run"to start the installation.

Screenshot 3

5. The Betfair Casino Installation Wizard will now appear. It will automatically begin downloading the additional software components, and once complete you should choose "Install" as shown below.

Screenshot 4

6. Once the Betfair Casino Installation Wizard has finished downloading the software, you will be prompted to read the terms and conditions for using the website. You must choose "I Agree" in order to continue.

Screenshot 5

7. Once you have finished the download process it is now time to start playing! Do you have questions about how to open an account with Betfair or how to transfer money? Please read the Getting Started section. If you want to learn more about how to use the Download Casino software we recommend that you read through the Download Help section.

Screenshot 6

8. Remember, Betfair Download Casino can be accessed from your computer at any time by clicking on the Betfair Casino icon on your Desktop or in the windows program menu.

Screenshot 7

What is Downloaded and Installed?

Our software is guaranteed 100% spyware and malware free. The software is downloaded and installed in three steps:

  1. When you first download the software the download agent application is first downloaded and launched. It manages the download of all casino software components. This initial installation will also include the most popular games.
  2. When you start the casino client the first time more games will be downloaded and added in the casino. All games are downloaded and made available to our customers to no cost for the customer.
  3. When new versions of our software become available they are automatically downloaded and installed. New games, features and other improvements will be there for you as soon as they are available.



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